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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A moment of Humour and smile

Yesterday evening when I was laughing my heart out as i listened to the jokes in a stand up comedy by Cyrus (the MTv guy), there were a lot of things which flashed at the back of my mind which i didn’t realize it then. But now on a lazy Sunday afternoon, where luckily i am not expected to read anything remotely connected to finance, I realize everyone had a different interpretation while bursting out into laughter; yet the common thing is all of them came there to have a time off from their otherwise monotonous schedule.

There were lawyers who wanted to listen to something really creepy other than the “order order” and there were doctors who desired to something other than blood and pain. Then there were a lot of lovely couples who could finally take time for each other, and as they held hands while listening to the puns of Cyrus I could see a couple of celebrities too who were totally having a good time without anyone around pestering them to by asking all sorts of stupid irritating questions. And then there were students like us who wanted a total stress buster and luckily were at the right place at the right time.

Just as diverse as the kind of people were the reactions of each of them... with every double meaning joke he cracked. While a few so called sophisticated people tried hard from laughing too loud, the group of young girls and boys almost roared with laughter. But this was quite expected. What was more interesting was how a few ladies almost in their late sixties at time burst into a kind of squeaky laughter and the way a few old men almost guffawed. On some occasions with the typical bedroom jokes, while d oldies couples tried reminiscencing their good old days; the newly formed couples probably anticipated an intimate passionate moments in next few hours. Atleast I would have, had I found my better half

Humour certainly is an integral part of life and probably these people do a great job by externally adding some of it in our lives, which at times gets so cluttered and messed up with our visions, goals and gruesome schedule. Overall it was a good experience and after a long time I could actually see some really beautiful girls after getting stuck in Ghatkopar. Just let’s hope we keep up the light of humour alive in our lives and relationships and someone righty says “We all smile in the same language “ So keep smiling and the world around will look more beautiful and wonderful than ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

Life is so strange full of surprises
And equally strange are the thoughts
They keep coming and going
And like the Mumbai rains... always catches me unaware

Sometimes it brings a smile so subtle and unnoticed
Yet makes people around me wonder
While at times it kills those same smiles in the bud
And yet again makes people around wonder

Random thoughts are often so irrational
They have neither logic nor a flow
And leave no trace of where did it
at the first place come from

A few minutes back I was so much
Into the world of options and futures
And moments later here I am
Drowned into an all together different world

But the best and the worst part is
I do not know what I have been thinking all along
It’s just that a thought came and made me smile
And the other one, cry


Monday, September 7, 2009

An Incomplete poem... I didnt wanna finish

I sit in a dark room
All alone in a gloom
And as i look outside the window when the night is in the full
I feel so much woeful

I listen to the soft tunes of old classics
And every line of it seems to give me kicks
Ears are so filled with the melancholy
So are my eyes drowned in complete silence

I don’t sleep for more than a few hours
Thinking about her I spend hours
And as I look at those stills
It seems as if life lacks all the frills

I wonder how life would have been
Had she been there with me today
Possibly I would be wring a love note for her
Instead of this moron text

We may not get back ever again
We can never walk together on a lane
But still there’s something I don’t know about
And it makes me go back to the forbidden zone