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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

After staring at the blank page for about 15 minutes, I finally did start scribbling or rather typing down this. I could even remember when was the last time I blogged until I saw the date of my last post. Time does fly.
Well writing during college was really easy and spontaneous. Not that I have lost the edge or that life has become mundane. But then there certainly has been a tectonic shift in the direction my life was headed. Though I must confess, it ain’t even close to a lame excuse for me being so lazy when it came to updating my blog. In the quest to find a reasonable justification for my laziness, I got hyperactive trying to analyze the content of my blog. And I realized it was hugely skewed towards romanticism and iconoclastic ideas and college life often acted as a fuel to fire up many more such thoughts. And not to forget the plethora of time I had at my disposal.
I often used a particular quotation “Life is what happens to you while you were busy making other plans.” Sometimes, I feel I am a literally living this line. Or, may be everyone feels so. Once upon a time, choosing between finance and marketing used to be the ultimate question other than of course which restraint to visit in the weekend. As life surged ahead, the complexity increased and n it became about company versus work profile versus salary. In due course, the inquisitive mind led to questioning of the lifestyle, dreams and aspirations fading in the heat of the reality. And then suddenly the bigger calling from family changed it all. And in a matter of days life took a u turn from Mumbai – Delhi route to home sweet home. Somehow I feel my family always knew that in order to anchor me down to the family business, they need to like really anchor me. And what better way than to make me meet someone so special that there is an instant connect and the romantic idea of a soul mate turns into a beautiful reality. And of what I expected to be a rough, dangerous and emotionally tumultuous journey, somehow turned into the most amazing lively and beautiful phase of my life. And somehow, I can’t really give the credits to me becoming a trader in steel & cement where none of what I read and understood in college really matters. It infact, made me actually act on an amazing line again overused by me in almost all my interviews. “Sir, I believe that my ability to learn, unlearn and relearn makes me eligible to be a part of your esteemed college/company.” Don’t know about them but I certainly had to perform all the 3 seeming easy task to be able to survive in this cut throat market.
Anyways, the point of all this was as usual me in a introspecting mode, about all these past months and my new resolve to get back to blogging.