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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I see you

Every time I see you

I find a reason to smile

Every moment that I miss you

I still walk that mile.

Every time it rains and the cloud thunder

I can feel my “heart” ponder

You call it love; you call it imagination

I still see you mesmerized; in all the admiration.

I may not be a romantic

I may not be a star

But, as I look up, standing in the attic

I still see you like the way I want you to.

And yet, I wonder when days turn into nights

What if,

I hadn’t lost my sight

Could I ever, have seen you at all?

(In honour of all those people who still find life beautiful even when they can’t see and to remind the lucky ones how beautiful life is only if you could open your eyes to the beauty around.)