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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Living a lie

When voices can’t be trusted
and the smiles are just a lie,
When ears turn deaf and
the heart is left alone to cry.

When promises are broken and
the world around seems to crumble,
Words appear inadequate
and the mind begins to fail.

When loneliness is your only company
Amidst all the friends, and,
the person(s) you love and hate the most
is no different but the same.

When memories are all you have left
and life begins to stagnate
When dreams and nightmares are the same
and insomnia appears desirable

When you begin to enjoy the sadness
and derive pleasure by hurting
When melancholy appears crowded and
crowds appear lonely.

When every pretty girl reminds you
of what you lost years back.
and you still desire the same lap
to stare into that pure and serene face

You know the time has come
When all you do is, sigh
its time to get a life
and stop living a lie.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Serial Killer(s)

She couldn’t move much but felt almost every heart beat around her. She didn’t have anyone to talk to and was all alone in a dark place unable to see anything at all. All she could hear was some horrifying talks. She was scared but there was no one to comfort her. She wondered what harm she could possibly do to people who wanted to end her. She lay there gloomy and wondering if she will ever see the light of the day. She was barely fed and grew weaker by days.

Very often she could hear some noise unable to make anything out of it. Like a helpless being, she just waited for the moment. She had no to call for help, for no one but only the killers knew about her existence. She was just an unknown soul with no place to hide and run and didn’t understand why she was in the captivity of those merciless serial killers. And one fine day, suddenly everything around her began to heat up. And even before she realized, she was reduced to a piece of medical waste. One of the killers showed some superficial remorse in the camouflage of maternal emotions but deep down both had a sigh of relief.

And the world didn’t even miss a soul. Or, did it?