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Friday, February 20, 2009

Either as your lover, or as your best friend!!

I know you never did, nor you would ever care
For all that I wanted you to share

Everything I have ever wanted to do for you
Trying real hard to make you feel my care
It’s never been easy to tell you
The fact that for you I ll always be there

What I express is nothing but true
It’s just about you and only you
I never get so much of a comfort
As I get when I am with you

You were rude and you made me cry
The agony I underwent I can’t deny
Still I hope to work things out
And I ll do it without the slightest doubt

Just tell me once if you feel the same way too
Or ever felt in past to start brand new
I promise to give you all the happiness
I ll be there by your side I bet

And if you still feel like crossing on the corpse of my love
And still if you want it all to end
Just remember that I'll be there till the end
Either as your lover, or as your best friend!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sunrise AND The Sunset...

Everyday when the sun sets
And every morning when the sun rises
It’s not just the days that pass
But a ray of hope that sets and arises

Each sunrise brings with itself
A hope to get a life
A hope to earn a life
A hope to bid adieu the life

Each sunset when the sun goes down the horizon
There's a daughter who eagerly waits for her father to come back home
There's a wife who anxiously waits for her man to bring a packet of happiness
There's a mother who prays all day long for the well being of her young son

With every sunrise we have a man who never slept with the fear of being late
And with every sunset there is a businessman who burns the midnight lamp
There is a young boy who wakes up with the first ray of the beautiful sun across the fields
And there is a young girl who watches both the moon and sun without a single blink of the eye

And here I sit exactly in the middle of the two
While the sun has set; there is still some time for it to rise again
I find my life guarded by the 2 inevitable of the universe
The sunrise and the sunsets

The failures of the past have set and is a matter of past
While I sit here amidst the darkness fighting my way out
I can foresee the first ray of hope coming up with the sunrise
I know now the time has come to taste the success

It’s only about putting in those last seconds of the effort
And then it ll be my day for sure
A day when I ll command both the sunrise and the sunset
A day when I ll command both the days and the nights sublime
A day when I ll replay the stories left on the sands of time