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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grains of Sand...

While I sat on the edges

And looked across the horizon

The air around, touched my skin

Showing me a plethora of vision and illusion

Life is like the grains of sand

No matter, how hard you try,

You can’t hold them in your hand

It keeps slipping out of control

The little that is left, is all we own

People close, will always be

Is neither a rule or a must

For this isn’t about choice or loyalty

Or even a breach of trust

Be it the air or simply water

Or, whatever we have and treasure

They surround us only till they want

Just like people, who suddenly drift apart

Shaken by a shiver and chill, I realized

I was hiding in a mist

In a blanket of dark, grey and uncertainty

The only light was of my fate, my destiny


Friday, July 23, 2010

Liberated in the veil

She lay still in a veil

While the porch hung from the creaking branches

And as the clouds camouflaged the crescent

I could hear nothing but a slow wail

The noise of dry leaves being crushed

Penetrated the dead silence of the night

Scared I was, and frozen to death

If only, someone could have see the plight

Dead, she was long back

They only stopped the heartbeat

Enslaved, she always was

Death, only liberated her...