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Sunday, October 23, 2011

ख़्वाबों के परिंदे

दिल में है एक अरमान
कुछ ख्वाब और कुछ सपने
कुछ कर दिखाने का एक जूनून
मगर दूर हूँ उनसे जो है अपने

दिन के उजाले में भी देखता हूँ एक सपना
रात की तन्हाई में भी करीब है वो अरमान
मगर इस ख़्वाबों की दौड़ में
छूट रहे है कुछ पल ज़िन्दगी के

डर लगता है उन गहरी रातों से
मगर हौसला ना हारूँगा कुछ ठोकरों से
उम्मीद कायम है एक नए दिन की
कभी तो छटेंगे ये काले बादल भी

सोचता हूँ कभी मैं भी उर पाउँगा
आसमान के पार चला जाऊँगा
देख सकूँगा परिंदों को अपने नीचे
सूरज से भी आँखे मिला पाउँगा

फिर भी एक सवाल उठता है जेहन में
क्या मंजिल तक पहुचना ही सब कुछ है
या फिर उन रास्तो में जिन पर हम चलते है
या उन छोटे छोटे पलों में
जो हमें ज़िन्दगी का एहसास दिलाते है
जो हमें जिंदा महसूस कराते है
--- श्रीराम

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Ramblings

It has been a long time I posted something here. I guess there hasn’t been any recent heartbreaks which could push me into my melancholy and surprisingly the area where I stay doesn’t seem to be blessed with any pretty faces either which could bring up the lost romance. After all one does need some kind of inspiration and a push to be able to carve a way out of the writer’s block. All I get to see or feel when I come out of my room is huge amount of dust Gurgaon has to offer. And I didn’t really want to be another blogger criticising the mismanagement of the city or lamenting the ridiculous extravaganza Mayawati indulges in while hundreds of kids die of a disease. I do not want to throw in statistical bullets on the government for its lackadaisical approach towards almost everything going on. I think Mr Rajdeep Sardesai is enough for all that. And I certainly do not want to step into the big shoes of Karan Thapar who ends up speaking for almost two third of the total time when he supposedly there to interview people. And even if I want to, well the fact is, they would probably not even allow me in their premises. So, let me not get too cocky for my own sake.

I tried completing a half written piece of poetry which I once scribbled after I saw a beautiful picture of a dear friend of mine. But, the mood just didn’t set in. So let me just share the 4 lines I did come up with at that moment.

“She sat there in a silence,
her eyes deep and moist.
As her hair fell down her serene look
She held both her melancholy and the turbulence”

Somehow, I have come to realize that it is insanely difficult to complete a piece which is left incomplete. The original mood and the atmosphere are just so difficult to be recreated. There is another incomplete one which doesn’t seem to be nearing its meaningful destiny. So I guess I will just share this one too.

“Just when I had turned sober
Thinking it might be finally over
In a flash it appeared once again
bringing out the long hidden pain.”

I think it wasn’t too much and over the board when I once remarked to a friend. “Do not look into my mind. You will lose your way in its complexity. Look into my heart; you might just want to live their forever.” At the risk of sounding cheesy and melodramatic, I somewhere can’t agree to disagree from this thought.
Changing the subject, last night I did come up with a thought to scribble on. I was going through my contact details on Yahoomail and came across some really funny, weird, alien, rebellious and innovative Email ids. I could stop laughing at some of those. Some were rock stars while others where heart throbs for some I even had to look up to the dictionary to decipher the meaning. I know what you must be thinking. Of all the people, how could someone who was specifically pointed out by the Placement committee and the interview board to change his email id talk about this. For all that matters he was even notoriously facilitated for the same by popular measure. Well, this is why I didn’t write a dedicated post on this. I didn’t want to give a dear friend of mine another chance to call me a “hypocrite”. :)
For now, I will cherish a onetime memory of having watched a movie alone in a theatre. And by alone, I mean, all alone in an empty theatre. And FYI, it wasn’t some shady movie. The Three Musketeers didn’t seem to be such a bad option either.