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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Post !!!

As I sit here spending my last few hours @ Simsr Hostel, I see the images of last the last 22 months which is a saga in itself. Life has undergone a metamorphosis beyond imagination and it has been a pleasant one. From a 21 year old Economics graduate, I am now a 23 year old MBA(Finance). Wola... Sounds pretty heavy or melodramatic or may be just a fact free from any frauds. But this isn’t the change I was talking about. Someone said, life is not about the destination you reach but the journey you embark upon. Simsr hasn’t been just about the degree or the job or a soulmate. It has been a lot more vivid with a spread like that of a vast unending sea we see across the horizon.

It was only 16th June 2008, when we all came from across the country and backgrounds with striking contrasts and today when we leave we have more than one thing in common. Its impossible for me to narrate a journey where each day has been so eventful in its own way. From religiously reading the first HBR articles to possessing laptops where the 3 most crucial keypads (Ctrl, C, V) have lost their mark, we have been through times where 30 people gather in a single room to study accounts and another 35 to watch a movie like Deshdrohi in the common area. I met people who are willing to teach the same stuff over and over again to every single person without any self interest to people multicasting 30 minutes before exam to have a CS match for “just 15 minutes.” I met people who yell after each exams to someone who got special rights to present vote of thanks at every possible occasion because of their unsurpassable communication skills. I got an honor to be good friends with one of the most respectable and honourable guy with whose name people even attached a G and share my room with both the marketing and the financial prodigies. It was a place where I saw commitments levels at both ends. A class which has the best sports persons who have made SIMSR proud more than once and mindblowing dancers and models who can set any stage on fire. It has been a place where I met the biggest pranksters and gossipmongers (in the best of sense) who made sure, the market has the complete information ;) . It introduced me to youngest of the lot who were always full of energy and the experienced lot who proved to be even more energetic. Form the APS to the LPS to the efficient SRs and CR and from all the informal chain mails to removing profs from the groups, everything has been so amazing. The list goes on and on and on.....

From writing 1/12th of MBA as status message to finally being an MBA, life has mostly been a beautiful journey with some dark nights. And the journey is beautiful not because, it was meant to be but because every single soul nurtured the bonds and relationships we developed. And as we are about to get into an all together different world, I can only wish for a little lesser drastic changes. I know life moves on and so do we. I know that we aren’t meant to attend classes all our life.

Honestly, I am too overwhelmed to realize what do I exactly want. All day long, when people were leaving for their home, I stood strong. I stood strong when I was packing my bags knowing that a lot of my friend would still be staying back at SIMSR to chase their dreams. I stood strong I knew that the next hug from them will be after a long time. And I stood strong, when a friend said, “You are now an alumnus too.” Not anymore!

For all those who I came to know as little or as much

Hope life grows better and we keep in touch

Thank you for the beautiful life in the last 2 years

No matter how strong, the truth is visible in those tears.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ज़िन्दगी के इस मोड़ पर

आज की ही है बस ये रात

कहनी थी उनसे कुछ ये बात

जब जब देखा था हमने तुझे

लम्हा वो हर पल का याद आएगा हमे

पहली नज़र में इश्क हुआ था आपसे

कह ना पाए दिल की बात कब से

और आये जब ये बेला आज आपसे

बिछड़ने की दिल आहे भरता है रो रो के

कभी सोचा था ऐसा भी वक़्त आएगा

मिलने के बाद जुदा होने का भी समय आएगा

कभी ख़ुशी कभी गम के इस खेल में

क्या पता था ये दौर भी जुजार जायेगा

मिलने बिछड़ने के इस सफ़र में

कुछ साथी बने तो कुछ हमसफ़र

ऐतबार है मुझको दोस्तों

मिलेंगे हम ज़िन्दगी के और भी कई मोड़ पर

-- श्रीराम

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Priority vs An Option

Life is a beautiful chain of memories

The Songs we sing; those long stories

The hugs, the dances and the fights

They all bring the same delight

They make us both glad and sad

For the heart rules with the eyes clad

The sunset and sunrise as they occur

Takes me back and forth like a soccer

I lay with the lights dim yet eyes wide open

And while memories seem to have shorten

My mind wanders on those same lanes

Suddenly life becomes all so mundane

Reflecting back on the past deeds

Memories come alive showing the leads

Dark clouds hover around while we lament

The beauty turns sombre for what we haven't

Life goes for a toss while we create a notion

A Habit into love into an obsession

Happiness fades; Melancholy comes with an auction

When She becomes the priority with I being "just an option"