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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Priority vs An Option

Life is a beautiful chain of memories

The Songs we sing; those long stories

The hugs, the dances and the fights

They all bring the same delight

They make us both glad and sad

For the heart rules with the eyes clad

The sunset and sunrise as they occur

Takes me back and forth like a soccer

I lay with the lights dim yet eyes wide open

And while memories seem to have shorten

My mind wanders on those same lanes

Suddenly life becomes all so mundane

Reflecting back on the past deeds

Memories come alive showing the leads

Dark clouds hover around while we lament

The beauty turns sombre for what we haven't

Life goes for a toss while we create a notion

A Habit into love into an obsession

Happiness fades; Melancholy comes with an auction

When She becomes the priority with I being "just an option"


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