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Friday, July 17, 2009

A lost opportunity

I sit here in my room all relaxed
After a storm of events which made me feel drained
Times can be truly contrasting and combat
Some days we feel the heat; rest we miss the heat

When we have strict professors we pray for liberals
When we have lenient ones we complain the complacency
We miss the personalization when a prof is cold
While we ourselves react cold when treated personally

I am not to blame anyone or take sides
But I wonder if we know what we want
Is it we who always desire what we do not possess
Or it is just humane to not value things we already get

I always had an answer to this seemingly easy question
Until I myself was a part of an exhibition
Where the best minds failed to act rational
And lost a multitude of what could have been ‘ours’
- Sriram

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am loving it

Last few days had been really just too busy. Right from 8 am in the morning to 4 am events kept occurring keeping me right on to my foot. Not that I have never been on an edge, but this time it has been a little different. If I were to compare the past few days with my 3rd trimester days, I kept busy on both the occasions. During both the periods I seldom did sit casually in the mess and did talk on phone for long hours.
But the stark difference which I can feel is the things which are keeping me busy. Earlier, neither did I study a lot as much I should have, nor was there any kind of fun in my life. Or to put it more bluntly, I myself ran away from anything which could really make me happy. I have no reason to why I did so. And even if I have, I possibly won’t like to mention it anymore. All I did was to be melancholous about things around me and critically examine everything around me. Now before it seems that I am guilty about those days, I think I must stress, I am not. Probably those days were meant to be like that and what I did was the best course of action for me. Even if it was not, as some say, I disagree. Someone’s rightly said, “Believe in all that you decide and you shall come victorious even if the decision was not the best.” What I did learn was that sometimes even being sad about something can make you feel good and happy. It’s strange and I won’t be surprised if people mock at me because until now even I felt it to be stupid. But then the complexity of human mind and behaviour can make anything possible.
Coming back to the present day, I somehow am very happy about how things have been going around though nothing really has changed in the external environment. It seems like I have now learnt to take control of things happening to and around me rather than lamenting on the same inefficiencies and deficiencies of the system. If I were to take a look over the last one week, I have studied more than I generally do and that does satisfies me. I have attended all the meetings which I had to without any problem of time constraint and made sure it didn’t affect my life balance. I have been in touch with all my old friends and people who are close to my heart inspite of the hectic schedules we are forced to follow. I have been going out with my friends more than often. Most surprisingly I have not been involved in any kind of college bashing and society bashing. Last night I had an amazing time just getting soaked wet in rain and it did make me happy because that is what I have always loved to do but off late never did. I also feel back to what I was 2 years ago; someone who is pretty confident of what he does and gives a shit to what others talk behind his back; someone who loves interacting with new people and is never afraid to say what he believes in, even if that means going against the general perception of people.
It’s so amazing to find one’s own true self through acts which are regarded nothing more than insignificant. Probably so insignificant that people around me might not have even noticed the change in behavior and attitude. But, who cares! What is of the essence is I do realize and feel the change. I do understand what it means to me because seeing this change wasn’t so easy for me. Changes which I mentioned a few minutes back and changes which I did not. But for everything in this world I am loving it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Press conference @ INTERCONTINENTAL

Probably its the first time a day has been so eventful that I have been compelled to write a 2nd post on my blog on the same day. Though its 1:15 am now and the post will appear as on July 2nd, the experiences are all of the first day of the 7th month.
My Roomie, has been doing a great job at MTV as an intern and probably it was because of his extra ordinary performance that he got a chance to work back stage on today’s press conference of the movie LUCK starring Imran Khan, Shruti Hassan, Sanjay Dutt and many more. And I being his roomie did have an advantage to attend the same which was strictly meant only for media people on invitation. And so did my other roomie too, who in a second got rid of his thick finance notes he was supposedly studying for his exams.
So both of reached the INTERCONTINENTAL, a 5 star hotel in Andheri. To be honest i was pretty excited like a kid as i had never got a chance to see one from inside. As we entered the hotel we could find rows of BMW and a few other luxury brands which made it evident that the crowd inside was meant to be real sophisticated. We walked in without being intrigued by any of the staff and while we found our way into the basement (where the event was supposed to take place) the interiors and the setup were worth appreciating. It isn’t one of the best hotels in Mumbai, but it certainly does have an enigma of its own. The soft music from the piano mingled with the air in the room and together with an aroma spread into the lobby, we really felt pleased. Right across the hall were 2 young beautiful ladies dressed elegantly in black sipping a cup of coffee. Their presence added another fragrance to the place and it was intoxicating enough for any young man to fall for it.
Anyways, we moved across the hall towards the basement where Imran Khan just arrived and was escorted with his men. Since he had already been to our college, it wasn’t a big deal in any case. We followed our way into the basement where the whole set up was just magnificent. Every tiny detail was taken care of and there wasn’t any stone unturned in managing the place to keep up the dignity of the people and the organizations involved. Finally we saw the whole event. Shruti Hassan indeed sand pretty well and there were a number of gorgeous reporters who were busy asking stupid questions. Yet, they were lovely and so we didn’t mind their naivety.
Then came the best part. FOOD !!! There were complete preparations to satisfy gourmets like me with all the veg delicacies. But what was more exciting was the variety of desserts and ice creams and pastries and moose. As soon as i kept it on the tip of my tongue, it just melted down and my roomie could utter just one line, “ this is what is heaven” . And yes, it certainly was!!!
With all the sweetness in our taste buds and heart, we came to what we call “SIMSR HOSTEL”
And here I sit still thinking about all those delicious stuff i savoured and yet lamenting why was our stomach so full that we had no scope of putting in even a single piece of anything more.
Whatever be it, we all three had a really gala time

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First day in PG-Finance @ SIMSR

And finally the day came... A bunch of future finance barons assembled in room no 17 to attend the first class of their chosen coveted specialization. People call it finance. Since past few weeks there was only one thing common in all the conversations these people had. All of them including me had expected or had been forced to believe that this year is going to be a hell lot of work with classes scheduled 7 days a week. Oh the very sound of it makes it so cumbersome and demanding. Just like people assume MBA to be.
For the first time i was so very punctual that i woke up early in the morning at 6 am (i don’t remember the last time when i did this; probably during my school days.) Consequently a few of us were the first ones to reach the class well in time. But alas! Seems all the excitement was a mere act of stupidity and not being rational enough to understand the way things work.
We waited for our highly esteemed professor for nearly an hour after which we were finally informed with regret that we won’t have that class as if we hadn’t realized it till then. As a matter of fact it was only us who were sitting idle, gossiping and sharing the vacation we had in lieu of our summer internship. Rest all other people had their classes in full swing. Surprisingly HR department has student faculty ratio of 10:12. At this point i would rather keep my mouth shut regarding the ratios of the finance department.
Finally the time for the second lecture started after another wait of 20 minutes. It really didn’t bother us because we were satisfied that at least someone did come after all. The professor started by addressing us as “friends.” Now i sincerely wonder why? Did he really consider us friends knowing that he more than thrice the age of the youngest boy sitting in the class? Or was it an attempt to break the ice? Or possibly he did so because he is well versed with the fact that students no more consider their professors as their teachers. Whatever be it, he gave a really long and descriptive introduction of his stressing the fact more than once that he did his PhD in 1969. (That is how i remember the year). He then consequently proved that all of us sitting on the other side have poor knowledge in finance because none of knew when the IDBI bank was formulated. Probably it hurt him more because he was one of the founding members. He also constantly pressed the fact that he was very sad because he didn’t become an engineer. Finally his talks changed from financial to philosophical. After an hour he was more than happy to let us go to have our lunch.
And so this was our first day at college in the second year. Let’s see what the future has in store for us. I hope unlike last year we will have at least some classes to attend but i do sincerely hope we don’t have classes in the weekends. After all MBA ain’t just about classes.