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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Memoirs of PG-A Trip.... Part 2


The night party

Earlier in afternoon lot of us were sceptical regarding the availability of our preferred drinks looking at the surroundings which suggested that we were surely in a village area. To this extent a few had even shown a little disappointment while others had already contemplated the option of DESI stuff. However as the night approached everyone was more than happy to have had a look at their own personal love in the shape of bottles of varying shapes and sizes. Form beer to vodka and from frooti to pepsi, we had all.

And there came Rajji who almost looked like a movable chips stall with a plethora of packets hanging on all his sides. Slowly people got into their moods as the liquid found its way from the neck to the belly and finally to the grey areas. While Kumar could be seen with an uncontrollable smile accompanied by Dada, Netaji preferred it clean. RD was his usual way while Ankur kept drinking from here and there boasting of his tenacity. Wadhwa was busy getting his pics clicked in the newly discovered “ Wadhwa Look” while Tarang kept entertaining us all by putting on better songs after the responsibility was taken away from RD. Deepak played a few melodious tracks for all of us which we very soon converted into a ruckus with our extremely tuneless yet enthusiastic voices. Milind sat all the time with the other Marshian (Read Vinie). Rest all of were too busy eating or rather throwing “Chana” on each other. I still don’t know why we found it so amusing then. But yes, we did. As the night passed, the otherwise sitting or lying souls all around, started to move in to the tunes of the typical Boolywood songs. Soon everyone joined the endless dancing which continued for quite a while. The only ones who didn’t were either those who had completely gone down or the ones holding the cameras. For more than the moment then, those pictures and videos is what we will treasure even more. It was almost 2:30 am by then, when people slowly moved into different corners. While some crashed on their beds, others started on to do what we are all best at. GOSSIP!!! Some went emotional talking about all the things we did or did not in the last two years. Some of us went out for a walk to catch up some fresh air. It would have been pretty creepy and scary out there, had we not been there in groups. It was an abandoned road with no lights and a constant voice of a few nocturnal. We came back by 3:30 by when almost everyone were in their dreamland. Rahul, Sammy, Aanand, Amit, Mani and Myslelf. The last few souls still wide awake. Well, there was another round of small talks, which most didn’t remember the next day. And as the time came for most people to wake up and do their daily chores, a group of people away from all the worries of the world went back to catch some sleep. After all it had been an amazing day and we did require some sleep to be rejuvenated enough to carry on the adventure, the next day.

DAY 2... The Staircase to heaven

As a matter of fact, we happened to be in a place also known as “DAKSHIN KAHSHI” which has a huge significance in the religion. It is one of those few places which have a SHIVALING which emerged from the mother earth. A beautiful temple has been constructed all around it, which is worth a visit. Also there is this Semi round circle which the visitors make and is known as “Staircase to heaven.” Well, leaving aside the religious significance and the interpretations, this staircase to heaven without a doubt lives up to its name. It is a staircase to the heavenly beauty which one can experience moving along the path. It is a staircase to one of the best panoramic view of the sea in between the two mountains. Even though we could get a chance to watch the sunset form there, the view we had was indicative enough of the beautiful sunset one can watch from there. And it is undoubtedly a staircase to the heaven of emotional liberation and a way to connect with people around us. A place where peace of mind and tranquillity finds its way into the hearts of visitors and refills their life with a sense of pride and enthusiasm which we tend to lose in the cobweb of our rituals. And as I write about the experiences we all had, I am once again drawn to the beauty and serenity of the place.

As we all had slept at different times, we all went there in different groups. Amit, Rahul, Aanandji and I went and were totally dumbfounded and amazed looking at this beautiful canvas which the nature had painted all so well with all shades of colours. We went about appreciating every big and small thing all around and trying to capture every single moment in frames. We even tried to climb the insurmountable hills around us, but quickly came down after getting a few frames captured to showcase our fake courage and extreme passion to get clicked. As we climbed down those staircase we were once again welcome by yet another vast stretch of sea with hills on oe side and dark rocks on the other. It kind of gave it a class touch and we all in a second realized that this was what we were looking for. The perfect place to feel the cool breeze blowing across the face; to feel the cold water beneath our feet and touch the hot hard rocky hill punctured by the strong tides, which over the years have made holes in those hard rocks. As we moved and walked o those rocks our minds traversed the entire universe of thoughts and found the philosopher, the lover, and the achiever hiding within us. It is so amazing to realize and observe the forces and actions of the nature and draw inspiration from them. While to some the waves appeared to be the difficulties in life and compare themselves to the ever determined rocks unperturbed by them, others found the depth of the sea comparable to their own love and the stormy waves to the occasional wildness and energy in their own passionate story. Not to mention some who found the waves to be like a series of multiple orgasm, you experience while doing the activities you enjoy the most. Certainly there is something enigmatic about this. How easily we are lost and gravitated to an entirely different world all together.

We had to depart by 1 so we all hurried up to reach our hotel and packed up only to visit another beach 40 kms from where we were.

Reaching DiveAgar

We all moved from there to our next destination. Harsh as expected took the first chance to take the back seat with Rahul who had all alone drove 200 kms to be with all of us. And, it was quite expected of him to do so. After all he is one of the most active PGAite always ready for some new adventure. I wonder if anyone else would have been so passionate for a class trip to have rode a bike so far in such a hot sunny weather. Anyways, as we reached Dive Agar, we were way to hungry and after a lot of effort and discussions, we found some place to have satisfied our bellies which had been food deprived for more than a couple of hours. No wonder, we even threw stones to pluck some mangoes on our way and ran before the owner could find us. Tarnag’s height was particularly useful in this case. We were getting late so we hurried up to the beach through a shortcut which happened to be pretty interesting. Sana kept clicking all the fruits, vegetables and leaves which she found in the way and rest of us competing to be clicked. The best part was the way the hills and the pseudo jungle ended and we had a beautiful white beach right ahead of us. More importantly, it was even more beautiful than the previous one. Magnificent, Marvellous, Mind-blowing... The only words I could think of to describe the beautiful thing lying ahead of me.

As per the plans we were to say there only for an hour, but we all knew, it wasn’t possible. It had to be more than that. As usual some immediately ran into the wet sands, while others started walking bare feet on the sands of memories which were to be formed. Some of the adventurous kind took to the adventure sport while the lazy bumps like me took to a cart ride. We engraved “PG-A on the sands only to be eternalized into the lanes of the memory and so did some other names.

Suddenly we found a camel too and instantaneously HK and Vineeta went for a ride. One could clearly see the happiness and excitement on their face as the camel stood up. Milind and I took up the second round and reached just in time to be the part of the class picture which included all 29 of us. And it was certainly an awesome feeling to be in that pic on the top of a camel ;).
As the sun came lower on the horizon and was on its way to set, it was time. A beautiful and a memorable trip almost neared its end. We had to get out of the Hilly region before it went dark. So, we all walked back to the bus.

Return back to the hostel

All good things come to end, and so had our trip. Tired and exhausted, we all lay on our seats reminiscing the moments we shared in the trip. With some sudden bursts of energy a few of us sang to the tunes of friendship and inspite of our unmelodious voices, the songs we sang appeared to be better than rest of the world. I sat there in my seat looking out of the window and as the hills and the tress ran past behind me, I closed my eyes in an effort to capture all the beauty that lay around. It is paradoxical, but the times when we feel lonely are mostly when we are amongst a big group. Suddenly I did feel that unpleasant feeling of being separated from all those people who now are almost like a family. A family, with all the differences, yet possessing a strong bond which is unbreakable; a family which has been there at all the times of happiness and crisis; a family which will be measured not in 2 years or 730 days, but in those innumerable moments we shared together. Engrossed in my own thoughts I even typed up a short poem (which I posted a few days back) and slowly fell into the dark and bright world of sleep and dreams. Woken up by a jerk, we had almost reached Mumbai. We had our dinner and with some more episode of melodrama, action and emotion entered our hostel.

We all were both tired and fresh and not knowing what to do, I just lay awake on my bed, eyes wide open, thinking about the all the time we had in after coming to Mumbai and the little time left. I hope we have a few more such moments in days to come. Caught in the complex cobweb of emotions, I just had a smile which slowly faded as I drowned in sleep and could only think this,

“The PG-A trip was over.” But it was one of the best trips I ever had.

---Siram ( Lucky to be a PGAite)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Memoirs of PG-A Trip.... Part 1

I sat in my room all alone, having nothing to do. One of my roomie had gone to watch LSD which happens to be a C grade movie and the other has off late started sleeping pretty early by hostel standards. But lucky for me, I got the recent video which RD made taking the selected pictures from the class trip we just had. It would be least to say that the video he made out of those stills will be treasured by all of us in years to come. 5 years down the line, when most of us would be married and probably would be doing our very best in our chosen fields and yet feel something missing; I for sure would probably open up these videos and trip folders and be happy about the fact that, once upon a time, we were all so carefree.

As of now, I am a little way to overwhelmed, but still would like to give a shot at writing something about the trip. The first and may be the last trip of PG-A.

Well, the conceptualization of the trip had been taking place from a long time. I guess ever since we joined the course. But somehow, it never materialized. But this time when Rajat called up a meeting in the green benches, we knew its either now or never.

After all the possible ideas and itineraries and the usual chaos and MBAgiri, Harihareshwar was the place we all agreed upon. Dada was the trip manager this time and so we knew, everyone’s going to work. Responsible citizens of PGA like Akhil, Milind and Aanandji along with a few more were to decide on the accommodation and the usual finances while Rajat took care of booking an entire bus for all of us. Once again, there were a series of chain mails on the group which has always been the way of life for all of us. The night before, the number came up to be 27. After a lot of talking and special request from the other side of the hostel, Wadhwa too agreed. Rahul had an interview so he was supposed to reach there by himself.

The journey Begins:

Contrary to our behaviour and against our comfort, we all had decided to depart by 5:30 am. I know, it does sound kind of impossible, especially for people like us who sleep by 4am. But quite surprisingly, we all did manage to get in the bus at 6:30 which was truly an achievement! No wonder Pikolo (Anupam) was the last to board the bus. Ad with this started our road trip. It was pretty new to experience that smooth breeze early in the morning while it was still a little dark. Most of the people dozed off within an hour except a handful of us, who were busy adjusting the speaker and playing Dumb charades. From one game to another, from Antakshari to all the mindless pictures we took, it was all so much of fun and frolic. Wadhwa was on a photo shoot spree while Gaurav and a few more got busy with cards. While the Netaji of our class enjoyed the panaromic beauty, a few of us moved from one activity to the other and the rest with a camera were busy clicking the sleeping beauties of the class in their most unusual positions.

As the sun moved up in the sky, the hungry lot (ie. All of us) commanded for a breakfast stop. I am sure the owner of the Milan resort would thank his stars for 29 of us would have given him more than a week’s business in one time. After we gobbled and satisfied our never ending desire of food, we were once again on roads, this time only to stop at the destination. After a long wait and the drive through the dusty roads and the beautiful hills, we finally could see the extended beach with dark sad and a land so much unexplored. Suddenly inspite of all the humidity and heat, we all were excited and advanced towards our hotel (if i could call it so).

We reach Harihareshwar:

While some slept and a few watched the IPL match, around 15 of us found a common interest ( so to say) and started playing “Chidya Urr” and another game (I forgot the name) where we were supposed to enact in a particular way. Well Sonam did a brilliant task of moderating us and it was beyond a doubt refreshing. I still laugh and smile when I think about it. Those were the games which we played in our high school picnics and once again, while we are on the verge of completing an entire phase of life, we got back to that same age old games. And not to forget the next session of Dumb charades and Killer. (people seemed to have loved being allowed to wink once again after a long time so much so that HK took the liberty to do that inspite of he not being the Killer;)) One could only imagine the love for this game by the fact that people got a little reluctant to even get ready to go to the beach.

At the beach:

All ready and in shades of the colours of rainbow, 29 excited souls reached the beach where, they were welcome by the vast stretch of soft dark sand and the fresh salty water of the sea touching the feet. The first step into the water is the most relaxing and serene. It gives you such a different feeling all together... Free from the daily rituals and the hassles. Out here in the nature’s lap free from all d worries and the responsibilities. A place where one gets a chance to be himself. A place where I meet myself. As I got lost in my own world as I took a step each into the salty water, all the swimmers were already far ahead of me diving and moving with the tides. Some started to swim, while a few played with the ball and a few hydrophobic stayed away. As the sun set, we played and played and played till it was all dark. Tired and exhausted we all came back only to get fresh and start the photo session once again.

The night party and day 2: Contd...

---Sriram ( Lucky to be a PGAite)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A dream, I have lived for a decade

The first time I saw her, I wasn’t just blinded
By her resplendence, or astounded by her grace
Though I was a kid maturing through years
To me she was the angel through space

Only when she stood beside me
I first knew what a heartbeat symbolizes
Experienced what the rush of adrenalin is
Discovered the feeling of irresistibility

Some are carved by the greatest artist of all
While a few are blessed with talents of all
But this dream I felt through my heart and bones
Was more than an amalgamation of one and all

Her honest eyes were no less of effulgence
Her innocent smile was no less of an arrow
She wasn’t a piece of beauty carved off
But a persona to respect, to be proud of

Years through years, I lived a dream
The most beautiful dream I have ever seen or could see
And while I knew it’s like a moon you can never hold
The passion, the feeling, the emotion were all but cold

Her presence still brings me the smile
Which nothing else in the world has ever
Her words still instil a hope
Even when others have lost it forever

While the world has changed over a decade
And so have I and people I know or knew
But one thing which still is ever constant and steady
Is what I have always felt for this angel.

Do I like her? Or, Am I crazy?
Do I respect her? Or, am I obsessed?
Do I revere her? Or, am I just creepy?
I do not know, haven’t known in 10 years...

She ain’t just a lady my soul desired
She is a dream I have lived for a decade
An inspiration I have kindled in my heart
A faith I have never let die...


Monday, March 15, 2010


Last evening while a group of 29 souls were traveling back to hostel after having an amazing class trip, I too was one of those basking in the light of happiness and moments which will form the central theme of all the memories we will have in years to come. While I gazed into the horizon sitting on a window seat in bus, something struck me and I just felt like scribbling. No pen and a paper so I had to do with my Nokia’s message box. And finally after a gap of more than a month, all those scribbling and thoughts took shape of a small poem.

This is all I could type on my cell phone before I fell asleep amidst the chirping sounds of the returning birds and the cool breeze which touched across our tired yet rejuvenated face.

Across the long dusty roads

I look at those majestic hills

Deep orange leaves swirl with the romantic moods

While we speed past the hills on the wheels

On my left are the green mountains

While a deep valley on the right with basins

Lands I see are both barren and green

Leaves my mind so fresh, so clean

As the sky changes the colour and hues

And the sun turns red to redder

Illuminated and mystified my souls is

The song in my hear just got good to better

While I gaze to see the setting sun

I am reminded of the life full of fun

And as the sky grew dark and darker

I gradually felt like drifting closer and farther


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last evening while I was having an evening walk with two of my friends, we were discussing about generic daily stuff and shared some of our personal experiences and thoughts on a plethora of issues. In the middle of all this, we exchanged views on the conflicts we witness among the family members and the society at large due to some very basic avoidable reasons. It may be as small as which job to join or as big as who to marry, or, anything in this world which involves an elder and a younger member of a family to take two extreme stands. Most often it is an ideological clash which happens and as a results egos and sentiments is hurt. And the same is the likelihood of witnessing an attempt to moderate the two sides using some sensible talking and adopting an approach of rationality.

But as we discussed it while we circled around the park, I was left pondering about the futility of the whole exercise of rationality which people advertently carry out. If it’s about an ideology and faith, it just may not follow any logic and might come out to be taken in an absolute manner. There isn’t anything wrong or right and so the debates around it can just go on forever, and tanning the delicate relationships for a very very long time.

So basically what may be a possible solution to this is only a matter of “Who surrenders the ego first?” The sooner that happens, the better it is.

Knowing all this, what does one do?

Follow one’s own set of ideologies irrespective of the emotional turmoil, it might cause among others. This on one hand may bring about a subtle change in the family values or simply cause a hullaballoo in an otherwise peaceful family.

Follow the ideologies which have always been followed and thereby living a conflict free life, devoid of any ideological freedom, which would later translate and manifest itself into a continuously diminishing level of decision making capability.

And as we retuned back thinking about all of this, I just realized that the policy we follow is not the one we choose for ourselves in a manner which is sacrosanct, but, it mostly is circumstantial and a matter of convenience. It is only a matter of priorities and the marginal benefit we hope to derive from our actions and inactions. Everything else can go for a toss. The grey area here is, how we measure that marginal benefit, for there is no tool whatsoever, which could take into account all the possible determinants and an occurrence of a “Black Swan” in our lives.

So now the unanswered question is, “Is it Ideology versus Rationality or Ideology and Rationality?”