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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Memoirs of PG-A Trip.... Part 1

I sat in my room all alone, having nothing to do. One of my roomie had gone to watch LSD which happens to be a C grade movie and the other has off late started sleeping pretty early by hostel standards. But lucky for me, I got the recent video which RD made taking the selected pictures from the class trip we just had. It would be least to say that the video he made out of those stills will be treasured by all of us in years to come. 5 years down the line, when most of us would be married and probably would be doing our very best in our chosen fields and yet feel something missing; I for sure would probably open up these videos and trip folders and be happy about the fact that, once upon a time, we were all so carefree.

As of now, I am a little way to overwhelmed, but still would like to give a shot at writing something about the trip. The first and may be the last trip of PG-A.

Well, the conceptualization of the trip had been taking place from a long time. I guess ever since we joined the course. But somehow, it never materialized. But this time when Rajat called up a meeting in the green benches, we knew its either now or never.

After all the possible ideas and itineraries and the usual chaos and MBAgiri, Harihareshwar was the place we all agreed upon. Dada was the trip manager this time and so we knew, everyone’s going to work. Responsible citizens of PGA like Akhil, Milind and Aanandji along with a few more were to decide on the accommodation and the usual finances while Rajat took care of booking an entire bus for all of us. Once again, there were a series of chain mails on the group which has always been the way of life for all of us. The night before, the number came up to be 27. After a lot of talking and special request from the other side of the hostel, Wadhwa too agreed. Rahul had an interview so he was supposed to reach there by himself.

The journey Begins:

Contrary to our behaviour and against our comfort, we all had decided to depart by 5:30 am. I know, it does sound kind of impossible, especially for people like us who sleep by 4am. But quite surprisingly, we all did manage to get in the bus at 6:30 which was truly an achievement! No wonder Pikolo (Anupam) was the last to board the bus. Ad with this started our road trip. It was pretty new to experience that smooth breeze early in the morning while it was still a little dark. Most of the people dozed off within an hour except a handful of us, who were busy adjusting the speaker and playing Dumb charades. From one game to another, from Antakshari to all the mindless pictures we took, it was all so much of fun and frolic. Wadhwa was on a photo shoot spree while Gaurav and a few more got busy with cards. While the Netaji of our class enjoyed the panaromic beauty, a few of us moved from one activity to the other and the rest with a camera were busy clicking the sleeping beauties of the class in their most unusual positions.

As the sun moved up in the sky, the hungry lot (ie. All of us) commanded for a breakfast stop. I am sure the owner of the Milan resort would thank his stars for 29 of us would have given him more than a week’s business in one time. After we gobbled and satisfied our never ending desire of food, we were once again on roads, this time only to stop at the destination. After a long wait and the drive through the dusty roads and the beautiful hills, we finally could see the extended beach with dark sad and a land so much unexplored. Suddenly inspite of all the humidity and heat, we all were excited and advanced towards our hotel (if i could call it so).

We reach Harihareshwar:

While some slept and a few watched the IPL match, around 15 of us found a common interest ( so to say) and started playing “Chidya Urr” and another game (I forgot the name) where we were supposed to enact in a particular way. Well Sonam did a brilliant task of moderating us and it was beyond a doubt refreshing. I still laugh and smile when I think about it. Those were the games which we played in our high school picnics and once again, while we are on the verge of completing an entire phase of life, we got back to that same age old games. And not to forget the next session of Dumb charades and Killer. (people seemed to have loved being allowed to wink once again after a long time so much so that HK took the liberty to do that inspite of he not being the Killer;)) One could only imagine the love for this game by the fact that people got a little reluctant to even get ready to go to the beach.

At the beach:

All ready and in shades of the colours of rainbow, 29 excited souls reached the beach where, they were welcome by the vast stretch of soft dark sand and the fresh salty water of the sea touching the feet. The first step into the water is the most relaxing and serene. It gives you such a different feeling all together... Free from the daily rituals and the hassles. Out here in the nature’s lap free from all d worries and the responsibilities. A place where one gets a chance to be himself. A place where I meet myself. As I got lost in my own world as I took a step each into the salty water, all the swimmers were already far ahead of me diving and moving with the tides. Some started to swim, while a few played with the ball and a few hydrophobic stayed away. As the sun set, we played and played and played till it was all dark. Tired and exhausted we all came back only to get fresh and start the photo session once again.

The night party and day 2: Contd...

---Sriram ( Lucky to be a PGAite)


Fake Rahul said...

Part 1.. hmm bahut door ki sooch hai! nice
to begin with yes LSD was a dhoka, bloddy c grade movie shot in high definition, by d way 5 years down d line MOST od us ll be married .. whom do u think ll not be by dat tym,// lolz(waiting fr d name),.. appreciate the details.. u have mastered this art after 25+ blogs i guess... cheers Go micro.. but damn whres d part when i enter after driving 4 hrs alone to be with PGA?? :-)

Sriram Agrawal said...

Ooopss.... !I ll pakka cover that... on day 2.. in some flashback!

BTW... this is my 51st post :)