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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A dream, I have lived for a decade

The first time I saw her, I wasn’t just blinded
By her resplendence, or astounded by her grace
Though I was a kid maturing through years
To me she was the angel through space

Only when she stood beside me
I first knew what a heartbeat symbolizes
Experienced what the rush of adrenalin is
Discovered the feeling of irresistibility

Some are carved by the greatest artist of all
While a few are blessed with talents of all
But this dream I felt through my heart and bones
Was more than an amalgamation of one and all

Her honest eyes were no less of effulgence
Her innocent smile was no less of an arrow
She wasn’t a piece of beauty carved off
But a persona to respect, to be proud of

Years through years, I lived a dream
The most beautiful dream I have ever seen or could see
And while I knew it’s like a moon you can never hold
The passion, the feeling, the emotion were all but cold

Her presence still brings me the smile
Which nothing else in the world has ever
Her words still instil a hope
Even when others have lost it forever

While the world has changed over a decade
And so have I and people I know or knew
But one thing which still is ever constant and steady
Is what I have always felt for this angel.

Do I like her? Or, Am I crazy?
Do I respect her? Or, am I obsessed?
Do I revere her? Or, am I just creepy?
I do not know, haven’t known in 10 years...

She ain’t just a lady my soul desired
She is a dream I have lived for a decade
An inspiration I have kindled in my heart
A faith I have never let die...


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