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Monday, March 15, 2010


Last evening while a group of 29 souls were traveling back to hostel after having an amazing class trip, I too was one of those basking in the light of happiness and moments which will form the central theme of all the memories we will have in years to come. While I gazed into the horizon sitting on a window seat in bus, something struck me and I just felt like scribbling. No pen and a paper so I had to do with my Nokia’s message box. And finally after a gap of more than a month, all those scribbling and thoughts took shape of a small poem.

This is all I could type on my cell phone before I fell asleep amidst the chirping sounds of the returning birds and the cool breeze which touched across our tired yet rejuvenated face.

Across the long dusty roads

I look at those majestic hills

Deep orange leaves swirl with the romantic moods

While we speed past the hills on the wheels

On my left are the green mountains

While a deep valley on the right with basins

Lands I see are both barren and green

Leaves my mind so fresh, so clean

As the sky changes the colour and hues

And the sun turns red to redder

Illuminated and mystified my souls is

The song in my hear just got good to better

While I gaze to see the setting sun

I am reminded of the life full of fun

And as the sky grew dark and darker

I gradually felt like drifting closer and farther



Ankur Srivastava said...

nice one:)

accepting one's vulnerability is the wisest thing to do...

Sriram Agrawal said...

yeah so true....
Thank u :)

amit123 said...

good one...

Sriram Agrawal said...

Thanx Amit :)