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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sunrise AND The Sunset...

Everyday when the sun sets
And every morning when the sun rises
It’s not just the days that pass
But a ray of hope that sets and arises

Each sunrise brings with itself
A hope to get a life
A hope to earn a life
A hope to bid adieu the life

Each sunset when the sun goes down the horizon
There's a daughter who eagerly waits for her father to come back home
There's a wife who anxiously waits for her man to bring a packet of happiness
There's a mother who prays all day long for the well being of her young son

With every sunrise we have a man who never slept with the fear of being late
And with every sunset there is a businessman who burns the midnight lamp
There is a young boy who wakes up with the first ray of the beautiful sun across the fields
And there is a young girl who watches both the moon and sun without a single blink of the eye

And here I sit exactly in the middle of the two
While the sun has set; there is still some time for it to rise again
I find my life guarded by the 2 inevitable of the universe
The sunrise and the sunsets

The failures of the past have set and is a matter of past
While I sit here amidst the darkness fighting my way out
I can foresee the first ray of hope coming up with the sunrise
I know now the time has come to taste the success

It’s only about putting in those last seconds of the effort
And then it ll be my day for sure
A day when I ll command both the sunrise and the sunset
A day when I ll command both the days and the nights sublime
A day when I ll replay the stories left on the sands of time


Shirl said...

3rd para me gender problems hain mere bhai...

Correct that and its well written !

Sriram Agrawal said...

thnx dear :)

Rahul Avasthy said...

dear Ram

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness”

Rahul said...

kuddos to ur post!