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Friday, December 12, 2008

What lies at the core!!! Improper Attitude or a dysfunctional system

As you go through the title, you might be put off by the very thought that the next few paragraphs would perhaps be all about blaming the government and bashing the system around us and trying to prove that the kind of attitude prevailing all around us is just a manifestation of the same. Well if this was so then you must read on further because I can sense a growth of a “not so positive” attitude and perspective, though in a very incumbent stage.

Let us just move out of the macro analysis of the whole system and come down to a very micro level thought process. Let us talk about our thoughts, perspectives, reactions and the overall attitude towards our very own college or about the MBA course as such.

It all starts with getting up in time and reaching the class at 9 am sharp which most of us fail to do so including me. However I don’t question arriving late in the class as much as, I object the pride with which we talk about being late, or, the insensitivity which we exhibit when any of the professors dislike the act. We always have ready made excuses to evade any further question and a flattering interpersonal skill to gain that “one attendance.” But it doesn’t end here. We even go to the extent of blaming the authorities for scheduling the class so early in the morning at 9 am without ever thinking, “Is 9 am to be considered early morning when lacks of school students attend class walking miles together at 7am sharp with no excuse of being late. I know we are probably too busy to ever think about this. But what needs to be though is whether we are late because we sleep late working hard or we do not consider it important enough to be on time. Probably it’s not about reaching the class at 9 am or at 10 30 am but more so about being “on time” if not “in time”

Moving on to the daily chores of the day we often have various presentations to make. Now this is surely the most humorous part of our mba life where in one person has no idea of what is there in the slide of the other person and in case he happens to come across a slide which was not supposed to be his part the individual is blank. I am forced to think about the relevance of such a ppt where we seldom gain any knowledge.

Seems, it’s getting too close to bashing my own friends and colleagues and me myself! So a small clarification. I am no way entitled to do so when I myself am very much a part of it. It’s just a “passing” thought which came to me and so I found it interesting enough to write it down. At least I would realize what I have been doing since last 5 months in a b school which ranks among top 20 in India.

Currently when I am sitting here in the blue auditorium listening to the lecture by an operations specialist, I am surprised to see a large number of my classmates too, sitting here to attend the same.

Well before I make up my mind as to determine what could be the possible reason for the huge turnout of people today let me take you all 15 minutes back. The audi was almost empty and our professor was quite in a fury. He thought for a minute and asked the class representative to send a message that he would be taking a 10 marks test based on the presentation. And in the next 10 minutes the empty audi had not a seat vacant to occupy. I had nothing to react though there was a huge turmoil going deep down my mind. Is obtaining those puny 10 marks , the only objective of people coming here to do an mba. I being an eternal optimist still force myself not to think so. And was this the only way my professor could have gathered an uninterested crowd to the audi to later boast of a super gathering. If yes it simply demeans the very value of the so called highly esteemed industry expert who came to deliver his lecture. I do not have any answers but would love to get one both from the students as well as the teacher’s fraternity.

I want an answer to why do people avoid attending any guest lecture. I want an answer to why the management adopts such techniques to force students to attend the same and most importantly I want an answer to know what is the net gain from all these plethora of activities and mind games.

I want an answer to why do students find everything they are asked to do so futile and useless.

I want an answer to why do both the assignment and the answer to it remains the same batch by batch. I felt the earth move beneath me when I realized that the assignment we were to do was the one which was given way back to 2003 batch and the same fate with the answers. The list is probably endless! But just one last question…..

Where does the problem lie? With the students or with the system or with the attitude per say….

Only you have the answer.

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