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Monday, January 12, 2009

Love @ Accounts

Strangely I am so glad today
And as I occupy the first row in the class
Right in front of me is my accounts professor teaching
And a green board with white dwarfs dancing

The class is so full of commotion
A few answer quietly, while others shout (peeping into those answers)
There’s a boy who seems so confident
While the masses are under a vent

Suddenly I wonder!!!!
Why am I so glad with a continuous smile?
Neither do I understand what’s there on the board
Nor do I have someone beautiful sitting right next to me… or do I?

As I see her laugh i quietly smile
And when I look at her goosebumps I smile again 
And I smile at every action of her
Even when she scolds someone in her very own manner

She is certainly very pretty and beautiful
Her eyes so bright her neck so elegant
She laughs like a bird set free in air
And sleeps with all the tranquility amalgamated

I do not love her; though I like her
I may not be her friend; but she is mine
And I have only one dream to dream
To hold her hand; fingers entwined
And say “I care for you"


Anonymous said...


ha ha ha!!... kaun hai woh?

ab itna vivid description hai to naam bhi hoga...

appreciate the candid writeup :)

Anonymous said...

ahem! a...hem!
kya sriram... bata bhi do kaun hai ;D

Sriram Agrawal said...

dear sir/mam

i wud be mre dan happy to try to tell u d real identity of the lady bt b4 dat i wish to know ur name

i m sure u ll help me wid dat :)

Kanji said...

yaar...tu itna romantic school se hi tha kya??am an idiot..kabhie notice hi nahin kiya.!!solid poem sir..kabhie life mein koi gf bani toh usse apni poem hain kehkar suna dunga..!!