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Monday, April 13, 2009


A year back I was a different individual
I talked about versatility, commitment and integrity
I showed off my style as well as morality
And I wanted to do a specialization DUAL

I thought I ll learn how to sell goods
I thought I ll learn to manage finances
I thought I ll learn to transport cheapest
I thought I ll manage people the best

I asked my mom not to call b'coz I ll be busy
Busy studying and preparing projects
I, certainly was busy all the year round; well
Figuring out why I am so busy when I was never taught how to sell

MBA was/is meant to be rigorous
It was meant to be demanding and exciting
It meant exams anytime; classes night time
It meant a giant leap in the careers

10 months down the lanes of time
When I look back I am mesmerized
Rather surprised; or should I say shocked
I never ever wasted so much of my time

What I did was take an exam every 40 days…
And to do well I wasn’t supposed to understand an iota of concepts
All I did was attend all the classes to get 10 on 10
And to vomit all that I read on a presentation

Must I say I performed well in all the papers
Except the one I studied or tried to understand
Correlation between marks and academic excellence
Was as a friend of mine says, “zero”

Now when I am supposed to spend the next 2 months
Working in a firm to understand the core finance
I am stuck with nothing more than a piece of bread
Which was thrown to me b'coz I am a so called “lucky boy”

I spent days sleeping and cribbing
I spent night singing and movie watching
And now when I realize I stand nowhere
I am looking for someone to put all the blames

What have I done to myself!!!
Commitments changed to compliance
Versatility changed to vagabonds
And “I” changed to what “I am not”

As I listen to the lyrics
Sung time back by the pink flyods
I see the relevance of everyline
In the irrelevance of education sublime

If this is what I gain and learn
If this is what I get to earn
If this is what I acquire as an attitude


jyoti said...

HEy shriram.

nice words yaar..it reflects what we had thought of an MBA course n finally what we got.
Atleast you showed that you know the truth. :)

If u'll allow me.....i would like to write a line in consequence of your lines......" SAME here".

Apoorva Dixit said...
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Apoorva Dixit said...

your aspirations,expectations and your reality are not at all in sync.. dude,you are in a wrong B-School!!jst kiddin, not ur fault (shifting blames u c).. but dont worry,dont think about the results that are visible(ur marks),think about those that are in the process!! b patient..

and congrats for completing 1yr of MBA!! cheers!!

priyanka said...

Well seems like I'll get down to write a poem on similar lines soon....