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Sunday, May 23, 2010

E Cube: Economics, Eccentricity and Equilibrium

By Sriram Agrawal

A book I wish to write someday in my life!!!

Economics of relationship!

Economics of Life!

Rationality and fate! What rules?

Ideology : A never ending process of construction and deconstruction

Strive...Succeed...Satisfied! The virtuous or the vicious cycle

Life is a manifestation of every single act of ours, every single moment and every single thought we have in that moment!

E cube isn’t some theoretical economics. Its economics elucidated to the Common man. It isn’t just a critique of outlandish teenagers or an obdurate in a society. It is a subtly woven association of eccentricity and economics in the enigmatic behaviour of people in form of stories and passages both related and unrelated. It is an effort to view the self sustaining equilibrium which exists in every form of life and how through all the isms of the world, the one common thread which holds us all is the varying yet strikingly similar ways in which the homo sapiens view their existence. It isn’t the answer to any of the mysteries. It is only a step to help you find one.

I dont know if I ll ever be able to write something on such lines. I dont know if I even a single soul will read this provided it gets published :P

But, What do i know, is I ll make a sincere effort to write one. Lets see... Right now, all my time and enery is devoted to gain an understanding on Power and Coal so that the I am able to give a right call on the outlook... However some day may be in a few years, I do wish to climb and pass the unchartered and unkown terriotiry.

-Sriram Agrawal


Fake Rahul said...

@ " I dont know if I even a single soul will read this " surely if you simplify it for common man, and use smaller sentences :-)

Sriram Agrawal said...

Point taken... But every thought has its way of being expressed and some of them aren't meant to be simplified.

Also blurb of a book isn't an indicator of the language used in d book :)

Ankit Ashok said...

Tashan! mast hai.