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Monday, June 7, 2010

The first Shower @ Crisil House

Here I sit amongst the intelligent people
Ready to analyze, every single upheaval
From demand and supply to the market dynamics
It is excel and the numbers alone which give them the kicks

Across my seat, there is a huge window
Where I keep looking, resting on my elbow
While the analysts, talk facts and numbers
I am appalled by issues lying in a slumber

A mile away I see greenery and a hill
Looking at it strengthens my will
Up high in the sky, birds fly back in a line
I choke; thinking about what could have been mine

Suddenly I could see the drops of rain
And listen to them as they fell
I put my hands out and closed my eyes
To feel the first drops casting its spell

Minutes later the pain just vanished
And left behind an aroma to be relished
The first rains had created its magic across the sea
I knew it all as feeling a new lease of life all around me



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