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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

With a sip of coffee...

I took the seat in the same corner table

And delighted I was to look at the colourful label

While the music was both retro and pop

I glanced across those seated in the coffee shop

As I flipped through the pages of “Atlas Shrugged”

A seemingly happy couple kissed and hugged

The oldies stared in horror and may be jealousy

As if what they saw was too sassy or classy

Right in the centre was a businessman

Drinking his 5th cup of coffee in some anticipation

To my right were a bunch of rich spoilt teens

Who seemed to be absorbed in their own grandeur

Every single table had its own unique story in making

Which somewhere amidst all the music and commotion

Were knitted and interwoven into a common thread

Waiting for the moment to be set in motion

As I sipped my hot coffee now cold

I felt the thoughts mature and grow old

To realize the dreams and lives I want to mould

I guess, it’s time to take a step; both strong and bold


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