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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Burning Coal

As the sun set across the horizon
And the sky grew darker
I was stunned by something so beautiful
Wondering if it was just an illusion.

Looking at those unrestrained laughter
And the hair gently blow across her face
I floated in my own dream world
And feel my heart race.

I tried but my voice choked
Helpless I was, amidst the minty smoke
I gazed at her as she spoke
With every possible movement of her hands.

I wanted to bend on my knees
But all I did was to eat that cheese
In those few moments all my senses got mixed
As I smelled her smile and saw her fragrance.

I looked up at the glowing moon
And suddenly it felt as if,
that moment would pass away too soon
While the icy breeze brought her closer
The burning coal made it all so warm.

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