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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We- D poor people of the Corporate World

A few days back, while I was talking to a friend of mine, we actually ended up talking some real stuff after we were done with our weekly updates of the gossips and usual inconsequential conversations. It has been quite some time I left my job and partially joined my business apart from a little academic pursuit along the way. But I still do remember my first few conversations in my hometown with a plethora of acquaintances and total strangers who often enquired about my job for a number of reasons both genuine and devious. Well more about their intentions and ingenuity sometime later.

Statements, such as, “A man is worth only his pay check” is nothing new. It has been actively been the epicentre of a lot of decisions people make right from choosing or leaving a job, venturing into business and even while choosing their partners. But what makes it a topic to talk about is how the conversation folds up in a usual middle class family in a rural or a semi urban setting and occasionally even in the urban settings. Probably, it would be a lot easier to go by classification of the mindset, attitude and mental horizon of the people than a geographical distinction. As I write this, I get a feeling that I should have written this at least 10 months back. It would have been much more recent and relevant then. However, in those days, I was way too occupied handling my crushes and one sided affairs. :D Damn. I can be hard on myself sometimes! But still I will write it now. (Will try to keep my ramblings short enough)

For the time being, let me go back to July’2010 for ease of including myself in the collective group with whom I still can connect and feel the emotional turmoil and so that I can take the liberty to write in the present tense. I call myself and all my bunch of friends who completed MBA last year as the “Poor people of the corporate world.” It is not just because most of us do not pay tax @ 30%. But also because we face the entire hardships one could in this mean selfish world where people climb up the ladders of success on the corpses of others. Well, fortunately, as of now we aren’t really the corpse, so no need to panic. But we are damn well poor.

We are made to slog for long hours and our skill sets are exploited to the extreme. And in return all we get is a salary which gets exhausted in no time. We can’t even afford a simple furnished 2BHK in a decent area like Bandra or its counterparts in other cities. And if we dare to do, we end up losing more than 33% of what we get as underpaid people. I still can’t afford a car. Who would pay my EMIs and the parking charge? (Delhites are lucky here. They park it on the road itself! ). I am forced to be crushed in the maddening crowd of the locals with all kinds of people (who stink) and the unbridled homosexuals with their new found freedom. (No offence to any of them. I sincerely respect your choice, but strictly abhor any non consensual act of seeking pleasure taking undue advantage of the crowd.) I say this because some of my poor, innocent friends were taken for a ride. (Again delhites are lucky to have a metro equipped with an A/c!!!). I won’t even get to the chances of having your dream girl with this kind of poverty. To add to it, when we go home, the people (acquaintance and the strangers) give a damn about your work quality. In some cases they do not even know the name of the company or the designation and work profile. (If you do not believe, try becoming an Insurance Broker in an MNC: P ) So much for running after a particular kind of profile! What hurts even more is, we wasted our precious time trying to understand the intricacies of corporate finance, derivatives and corporate strategy. I could have very well spent that sitting on the marine drive or riding in Leh and Laddhak. (Do not know much about the marketing people. They certainly had a relatively better life. Atleast my roomie never had to go through a 200 page book.) And this doesn’t end here. Some of my friends continue to inflict pain upon them by sacrificing that little hard earned money for another degree, innocently believing that it would make their life any easier. And here I am, pouring out all my blocked emotions here while I try to chase my own set of dreams by putting a complete end to even that small amount I used to get on every 26th of the month. True. Poverty and Unemployment are a part of a vicious circle and they take away all the wits you initially had.

P.S.: No offence to anyone! It was a fictional narration. Any resemblance to anyone living is purely coincidental and unintentional ;)

We all are very happy people J


simsrbappa said...

Add to this the agony of all those people who left their well settled career in pursuit of a better one. Blame it on the economy or the fate, ultimately it reiterate the eternal truth "Man plans and God laughes"

Fake Rahul said...

Waah beta
1) very well written, i really felt as if m reading an article on toi corporate dossier.
2) roomate marketing mention karke bolta hai all characters are fictional :) subhanallah, but i liked the way u mentioned it :)
3) marketing is nothing but common sense, we dont need to read 200 page book for the same :)

waiting for your next post.

Fake Rahul said...

Sorry i mnt et corporate dossier not toi.

Sriram Agrawal said...

@ Bappa Da : I understnd the emotion bappa. But m sure aap jaha bhi jaoge dhamaal macha doge... All d best :)

Sriram Agrawal said...

@ Rahul : Thnx buddy :)
BTW is it ever possible that I write something related to MBA days and u dont find a mention :D

Fictional to sirf ek hedging strategy hai just in case some1 gets offended or takes it too seriously :)

And true mktng is common sense which u happen to have in abundance !

Ashish said...


I remember you vaguely from the school days! But what you have written here is completely apt! Respect all the difficult choices you made!

Sriram Agrawal said...

@ Ashish.. thnak u ! Btw WHICH batch were u from in DPS

Ashish said...

I passed out in 2006! U were a from the class which was a year earlier, if I remember correctly?!

Rohit said...

very well written n perfectly true....sometimes i feel having option is like blessing in disguise....I m also in a dilemma.....its good that u hv made a choice...