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Monday, March 16, 2009

A broken chain of thoughts...

As I waved my hands to my parents
And sat back across my seat
The train rustled past the fields
Leaving me to the fate of my own set of thoughts

With my eyelids shut and body relaxed
I tried to see those beautiful moments
Amidst all the commotion of the Indian railways
I listened to the soft music of my heart without getting any further perplexed

I tasted the good home made food
I smelled the roses behind my room
I touched the little fingers of my 2 year old niece
I saw all the 15 members of my family sitting on our large dining table

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder
Annoyed by the intrusion I looked at the person
Before I could, he said “ticket please”
All I could say was “ just a minute please “

It was then I realized the presence of people around
And the sad fact that I was no more in my mothers lap
I casually glanced around which wasn’t really very casual
To see who all will I be spending the next 26 hours with

To my left sat a young honeymoon couple
While right in front of me was an old pair
And as I saw to the right my heart pounded
There were 2 good options available; to make my own couple

For the next few hours
I tried to play the role of an observer
And amazed was I to see the complexity of the behavior
By the time I could conclude my journey ended

Suddenly things changed so did my thoughts
I realized its time to get back to the 5th floor
Here I sit with a faint smile thinking about the last 10 days
And I am at a loss of lines to complete what I started with on the rails

1 comment:

naSava said...

I feel extremely sorry that you could not make your own couple

yet it's awesome MARVELOUS howling