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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Status message

A few minutes back I saw my friend completely engrossed in something over internet. It was nothing new but still this time he seemed to be trying to concentrate and come up with some new ideas, I guess. I didn’t want to disturb him. So I just waited patiently. After I could hold no more, I peeped into what he was doing with no bad intentions. And guess what! He was surfing to find some humorous messages. Till now everything seems pretty normal. Isn’t it?
Well then hold on. This message search wasn’t for an add or a concept development as I actually initially thought it to be. It was exclusively for putting it on the gtak status message.
Can you believe it? An exhaustive surfing done to find a good message to be displayed on the G talk!!! Well don’t be surprised. The effort is not just unidirectional. There are equally energetic people who read those status messages and even initiate a chat on those lines.
I was wondering what all possible uses people make of this thing. I will start from my own. Whenever I add a new post on my blog I update it on my status message. If I feel very happy or very melancholous I again write something in indication to that on my status message. Sometimes i also tend to get a little philosophical and so end up writing some heavy statements (mostly picked up from some great source)
Many people write great quotes as per their personality. It ranges from being academic to pun intended and from lively to dark humor.
Currently most people have their status message inspired from “ kamene” with s being replaced with f and this is getting truly very viral.
One my friend and his love indulge in online romance through gtak status message!!! (I know he might screw me for this. but couldn't help mentioning this.) After all this is one of the sweetest uses of status message i have seen till now.
But off late the best use of this has been made by the students of PGA @ SIMSR.
Every controversy in class is communicated in a very subtle manner through gtak status msg. There have been numerous instances where everyone in the class came up with a common status message for a specific person. And that poor targeted creature could do nothing but sigh. And no one is spared in this.
And as I complete this and post this, my status message would also be “blog updated”. And why not? After all it’s all about using the resources we have, at our discretion.


Shirl said...

This is truly a well written and a well thought of post.. I must add.. one of my friend makes use of gtalk messages to convey things wen is he fighting wit his gf.. Good tool to use i mus say !

Varun said...

During these midterms a couple of our folks all had "Midterms Wo Tsubusu!" as their GTalk status, inspired by Monica Khanna ;)

Like you, I use status messages mostly for making public announcements. Now and then I have a line from a song or a memorable quote from a movie.