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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Prowess

Alone I sit here in my old room

Bags are packed; things set in motion

Yet there’s this weird glory in the gloom

Not allowing me to move ahead inspite of all the devotion

What once made me happy asking for more

Just doesn’t seem to work anymore

And as I explore myself in those files and folders

Deep dark emotions seem to be in galore

While I see those pair of hopeful eyes

With all their aspirations resting on me

And then I see myself in the mirror and wonder

What has gotten into me with this fear and terror?

Is the loneliness which I fear

Or that I might just be another Lear

I wonder if I am all so ready

To keep my mind and heart so steady

Amongst all this shadow of darkness

Are intertwined both dreams and dope

It is time to realize one’s own prowess

And keep moving with that single ray of hope


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