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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A societal gimmick

From the very time we are born

To the moments when we breathe our last

Life revolves around things we were sworn

Oscillating between the future and our past.

It isn’t about the right and the wrong

The quotes, the thoughts and the song

This is good and that is bad is all we hear

Snubbing the grey shades, we all bear.

As Shakespeare remarked, Man is a paradoxical being,

full of contradictions, glorious and yet scandalous.

Yet the fragile human heart expects love and forgiveness,

while what remains is just a heap of callousness.

For what we are isn’t what we seem we are

Truth reveals in the darkest of our hours

The never ending lessons on values, morality and ethic

is nothing but an overbearing societal gimmick.


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