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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memoirs of past years

Whenever I open my closet

Moments later I find myself upset

And as I browse through the pages of years before

My heart pounds and aches all the more

Come 2005 and the month of February

I see a young couple madly in love

Exchanging cards and promises and a secret smile

To love even if they live seas apart or just a mile

Come 2009 and the month of February

I see the two of them so happy so intimate

And beside them I watch 2 new faces equally close

Each to the ones who were in love back into the wheels of time

I wondered what to think of or speak to them

Whether to be happy or to be envious of what they have

Or to be moron and mourn of what they possibly have not

I chose neither to think and nor to speak

Growing from when I was 16 to now when I am 22

Having experienced a variety of closeness

Some brought only happiness while some only sadness

Some were all about jokes while the rest were about flings

All of them seemed to be like a love to me

In one definition or the other or the ones created by me

But from all of it I could desire only a few

Ones which make me sad or unwanted

And then I asked myself a question!!!

Answer to which was neither hidden nor difficult

Still the irrationality of the human mind

Makes it impossible to accept; but now I do

Who did I love the most?

The one who brought tears to me while I earned smiles for her face

Who loved me the most?

The one who bought me only smiles for nothing in return.


MaNi said...

U grew from 16 to 22 from 2005 to 2009!!! Wow :)

Saumi said...

mani u havent got the point.. sriram wanted to stress on love during his sweet 16's :P

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MaNi said...

Why do u delete comments from someone who didnt understand or didnt like ur work..

My view.. Someone who has the courage to blog and express himself publicly should also face and accept the response that come..

Sriram Agrawal said...

very true bro. i welcome comments from people who have and reveal their identity just like u :)

not the anonymous comments!!!

Richa said...

You know I m missing you all the more after reading all this, Missing all these kind of Discussion Sessions, so want to talk like this...
Amazing Rama....
I just loved your each and every blog...

the 27th Sin said...

very true... past does ache...

Priyanka said...

the last 4 lines say it all...