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Thursday, June 11, 2009

There is something about a Hug

Men and women have so much of love to share
Every step of life; all for whom we care
Each one them feels for some or the other person
Whether he lives in a hut or she stays in a mansion

Centuries back people seldom expressed love
And later it was all done through a dove
What hasn’t changed is showing love by a simple hug
But today people write “I love you “and give it in a mug

Every form of expression is for a select few
A handshake is for friends; a kiss is for the beloved
A pat on back is by a teacher; a punch is for the enemy
A peck is for loved ones while a cuddle is for the intimate ones

But of all that one could think off
By all that one gets tuned on; or put off
There is a form of human expression
And shows the zenith of human compassion

A mother gives it to her baby
A father gives it to his graduation son
A brother gives it to his sister while she ties the knot of life time
A husband gives it to his wife as she falls into his arms

A man gives it to a lady with all his heart
A boy gives it to a girl when they are about to part
A friend gives it to a friend when they find happiness
A hero gives it to the enemy who just changed asking for forgiveness

A simple hug is what people call this act
I call it the life line of every human embrace
Biggest and the gravest problems of complex human relations
Can be set right with something as simple as a hug

Its funny how a little hug makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language it’s always understood.
It soothes a crying baby; pacifies an angry man
Precipitates emotions; disappears the melancholies

There's something in a hug that warms the heart;
It welcomes you back home and makes it easier to part.


Fake Rahul said...

dude .. dis one is one of ur best.. I bet .. lol n u know what the security word verification m suppose to enter to post this comment also says hugme lolzz


priyanka said...

Of all the poems I've read which are blessed with your art of writing .....usually the last two lines are my favourite....
same goes for this one.....

Sriram Agrawal said...

Belated Thank u :)