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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I finally had a time to be “just me“

Moving along the greeneries of campus

I walked and hopped and jumped

Splaassshhh..... The muddy water

And my clothes looked all the same

People all around ran in a helter-skelter

Mostly looking out for a shelter

Hiding themselves from moments so beautiful

Something so tranquilizing, so meaningful

As I turned towards my hostel

The clouds roared and the sky flashed

In no time I found myself drenched

Looking up I felt the those drops of rain water

I slowed my pace in joy

Unwilling was I to enter a closet

The smell of the earth and the chill gave me a kick

I simply felt besotted and fuddled

Suddenly life around was just so beamishly beautiful

Everything seemed so happy so pleasant

Unknowingly I smiled at everything and everyone

As even the grass and leaves smiled back

For those moments I had no worries

No commitments to honour; none to please

Neither did I think of work nor of love or friends

I finally had a time to be “just me“



shrads said...

damn cool.. seems wrote it just now!!! beautiful is d word..

Fake Rahul said...

damn nice!
finally a funny one frm u!

waiting fr u to switch frm
just me to "just me and my roommates" as well sometime(atleast a day) in next few remaining months!

Priyanka Singhal said...

It was just me
better than ever
I roared with the clouds
I jumped with the rain
I swayed with the trees
and every second I realised that
The rains washed away everything,
and brought out the best of me
It was me with me
Just me...:)

Sriram Agrawal said...

Thank u all :)