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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Thoughts- II

When the sun shone high and lit the room
I woke up with a heavy head
Something wasn’t pleasant though
I wondered what that was made me feel so low

I did have a good night sleep
And a great dinner as well
Yet it felt like morning blues
I pondered, but had no clues

Past few days haven’t been good
Lot of fluctuations in everyone’s mood
More than often I hurt someone with my inaction
Only in an effort to take a little extra precaution

It is so heart wrenching
To feel no more than an otiose
For someone we think we knew so well
Appears to be a stranger in a world so grandiose

As we travel across the sands of time
We all pretend to be jocund and sublime
Those moments when we introspect and retrospect
In our desperation of self actualization
Is just a matter of life and time
--- Sriram

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