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Friday, November 6, 2009

I have finally moved on

The day you called me up for the last time
Only to mention that love wasn’t for a lifetime
The whole night I cried, wailed, and wept
Till tears refused to drop and cheeks were no longer wet

Friends had always warned me; Foes laughed at me
Inspite of the odds, faith was all I had
Moments later I was left devastated, wondering
If it was really happening, stuck in the mode of denial

Months later I gazed into the mirror
I shed no tears, I was finally moving on
Only to find myself in an unknown zone
Of contempt, fear, dilemma and emotions foregone

Then comes year number one
I no longer starred at her pictures; neither talked about it to my friends
I was finally moving on
Only to start scribbling the past on a paper

Time passed and I grew stronger
Life took many turns; some good some not so good
But there was this zeal to go ahead of the past
A hope against the hope to recollect the shattered dreams

Three years down the lane
I no longer wish to get back that lost life
I finally have moved on and am happy
Only to still remember her smell and how hard I fell

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