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Monday, January 4, 2010

Enigmatic, it inevitably is

When the winds twirled

Leaves swirled; pollens whirled

I sat across the mahoganies, pondering

Spent all my moments, loving

As the sunshine dimmed

Far across the horizon

Every living soul rushed home, hurried

And lay in the laps, buried

I still sat glued to those rocks

Up until the crickets creaked

All I heard were the hoots

Punctuated by hisses and silences

I jumped as I felt creepy-crawly and

Moved to a distant source of light

Flicker and dimmer though, it was

Hardy and dauntless, I tried to be

Fear, I never thought was so beautiful

Melodious, I never anticipated it to be

Phantasy, it ain’t

Enigmatic, it inevitably is


1 comment:

Priyanka Singhal said...

incomplete thoughts bundled into another.....coz

Enigmatic it is, so is it confusing
As one fights against fear all scared
Still strength creeps through you
it makes your heart beat
and you gear up and win over the fear
Coz every fear was always incomplete