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Friday, December 10, 2010


In life we all have some ambition

Some reach, while others fail in the mission

And amongst all the confusion and complication

Rarely do we realize our unseen addiction.

Some smoke while others drink

Washing out their worries in the sink

Some do it for the calm and peace

Others simply to hide the lost piece

What if someone is addicted to happiness

No one shall ever call it a mess

But for those hooked to their grieves

Life seems to be stuck in briefs

When choice is among the darker lanes

The dim flickering light of hope goes in vain

It aint always about rights and the wrongs, coz

Sometimes addiction is the only way out for the darkness

It isn’t just about being some goose

As we swing through grandiose to otiose

For grief could be camouflage to the light unseen

Like smile often is, a cloak to the darkness within


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