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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

@ Cha Bar

I took a seat on my usual table

My tea giving its own delight and tranquil

I gazed across the road and back in the shop

Observing the people around, both retro and hip hop.

As I riffled through the pages of Atlas Shrugged,

The couple in corner kissed and hugged.

While a flabbergasted old lady boggled,

Most around either ignored or ogled.

Right in the middle sat a young businessman

Wiping his forehead in continuous anticipation

While some the rowdy striplings giggled

and squabbled creating a pandemonium.

The lady sitting on the other end

Seemed to struggle with her new life

Anxiously, she padded her little toddler

Possibly, waiting for the newbie father.

Every table was a part of some unique story

And amidst all the commotion; they all were linked

Every single moment spent in that place

Was a testimony to someone’s journey and race.

There were people from life’s every phase

Each with a dream on their visible face

And as my mind bloated with thoughts untold

I realized, my hot tea had turned cold.


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