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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What if ?

I walked on the dusty road

Looking for something we all had lost

The land lay barren, the birds dead

There was a silence in those screeching sounds

The leaves, devoid of its nectar

The homes appeared all ransacked

And the only sound to be heard

Was that of the sobbing soul

There lay a heap of horror

And a pile of ashes turned cold

All they wanted was to live, smile and laugh

But the remains were burnt bones and dried blood

Suddenly I saw the past running

This time not on a 70 mm screen

Certainly, man was the strongest

Yet weak enough to annihilate the rest

I was taken aback by a huge noise

Happily finding it to be just a dream

And then I mused on the remnants

What if the DREAM comes true?

And, what if the DREAMS come true?