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Monday, February 14, 2011

A life for my life

This morning, while I was browsing through some old files and folders, I came across this piece of poetry. As I went through reading it, I realized how time flies by. It was way back in 2005 when I worte this.(While attending an extra class in Organic Chemistry). It was my first poem and completing it gave me a sense of immense satisfaction. Inspite of the fact that, now I realize how immature and childish I was, both with my writings and feelings in general, I also could see myself growing through all this time. But then, who cares! I am happy that I attempted to bring out the poetry within me howsoever crude and raw it might be. At the end of the day, this is what makes me happy. Even though, the content within is now redundant, but then just like you do not ever forget the first love of your life, I hold this first poem of mine pretty close. And here after 6 years, I felt like sharing the same.

I still wonder how it all happened

It was all so quick and fast

I being so uncertain about life

And even more about love.

Girls I felt were selfish and mean

Life to me was just to enjoy

There was so many in my life

Yet I seldom had a shoulder to cry.

I could party but not share

I could laugh but not cry

I could dance and sing

But still it was all alone.

Then came a day, a moment

The tide of my thoughts simply changed the direction

Suddenly I felt someone so close to me

Someone so pure so serene so caring.

It was strange for me

Not because I respected her

Not because I was drawn towards her enigmatic beauty

But because I now loved her.

Her voice were the soft petals of a flower

So lovely so charming

Her innocence was what I loved the most

Coz there in laid her beauty.

Dreams- I felt it were

Fantasy –I thought I was in

But soon I realized

It was time to get mesmerized.

Those I believed were real; Inspite of

Emotions and feelings so close to being surreal

It was all about the blind trust

For, she was the one made for me.

I am no more what I was

A changed man is what I am

And suddenly, it occurred,

I too have a life to live now.

I may grow old with her

And live life not just for me

But, for someone special

A life for my life...


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